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Do not make a mistake like Ham did.
Posted On 05/12/2018 13:51:25 by PastorZomok

In Genesis 9, verses 20 to 24 we read about the episode of noah drinking wine (yayin) beyond simple moderation and being found naked and passed out drunk, in his tent.  The scriptures do not go into alot of detail but it is clear that Ham did something wrong because noah curses the line of Ham  The story line gives little detail but it seems to me that Ham shamed his father.  He could have simply threw something over his father but decided to broadcaste the inform... Read More

The God Series - Creativity.
Posted On 08/11/2017 17:41:17 by ChristnMe

God is not lazy despite some painting Him like a clock maker, having set the time and watching as it winds down into predictability by the numbers. God is a creative being at His core of cognitively. His creativity is evolution by design and not by a sequential set of random events. He is in control of His creations by the employment of holistic design criteria.


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Genesis 6 and "nephilim".
Posted On 01/18/2017 07:56:43 by PastorZomok

Genesis 6:4 is one of the most mysterious passages in the Bible.  It has been open to a host of interpretations, however,  those who hold consistently to a biblical worldview must reject the notion that women and demons can engage in sexual relations. They can not mix and produce fertile or any offspring at all. Despite this evident truth so many keep suggesting that we see in Genesis 6 the production of hybrid giants, yet several scriptures show this can not happen.

Reme... Read More

BE !
Posted On 09/14/2016 19:38:19 by ChristnMe


We live in a world which is satan’s playground and we are “aliens” in the sense that we are not of this world but are in it until we have been translated into our real home. The Christian is that man or woman born into a new life ordained by God which by Faith exists for them just as much as sliced bread does. He is tangible and can be sensed, absorbed and be appreciated. He is the originator of the command to “BE”!

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It only takes two.
Posted On 05/28/2016 21:57:51 by ChristnMe

No man can be an island especially today as it is nothing more than basic mathematics that overwhelms us and makes us ineffective not only for Kingdom but for our families and church. God is the originator of networking. Through this form of partnership God has enabled His Kingdom to be established, grow and even dominate. Never mind the opposition, His will is always done in perfect timing, order, and manifestation. God is in control is the first thing that we have to conclude. As Christians... Read More

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