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The Suffering Messiah foretold
Posted On 05/09/2018 14:10:19 by PastorZomok

In the Old Testament there is a great text in Isaiah chapter 53 that depicts a suffering servant.  Down through the corridor of time this has been interpreted in many ways.  In much Jewish literature (i.e. Talmud) this has been looked at as the Israel nation being trampled upon and even in exile. In the Zohar it has been given several interpretations. Despite all this, a casual reading makes it clear that this is an individual.  Here is the text itself (Young's... Read More

Christmas, A Season of Rejoicing or receiving Gifts!
Posted On 12/15/2016 20:07:36 by ChristnMe

It's that time a year again when people around the world look to their relatives and friends for gifts to celebrate and in spite of the reason for the season. Let's face it; Christmas is now viewed as a time when the sharing of gifts is nothing more than a quid pro quo ritual. Most people are making a list and checking it twice and texting it to each other as to what they want on Christmas day, making sure to keep the receipts just in case they want to exchange it for something else. It shoul... Read More

As Rivers of Water in a dry place
Posted On 09/23/2016 12:19:27 by PastorZomok

Isaiah 32:2

When Jesus stopped in Samaria, near Sychar, he spoke to a women of the land (see John 4).  As she started to draw water from the well, Jesus, asked her for a little to drink.  He further told her that he could give her life giving water that would keep her from being thirsty again.  He was speaking of spiritual water that only he could provide. 

Today we live in a spiritually dry place...a fallen world and it is in great need of the Water of Life. &... Read More

Posted On 09/14/2016 09:19:58 by PastorZomok

          The Sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from

between his feet, until SHILOH come; and unto Him shall the gathering of

the people be.. (Genesis 49:10)-

In Genesis 49 we see Jacob giving a benediction to his family (sons) where he mentions this "Shiloh", who will come.  This word means something like, "the peaceful one".. This "shiloh" is sometimes s... Read More

Matthew 16:1-4 and the Sign of Jonah
Posted On 08/28/2016 22:22:13 by PastorZomok

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