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Tag: judgement

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The Lesson
Posted On 11/24/2017 06:01:29 by HomerLes

Everyone learns differently. Some like to be told how to do something. Some like to be shown how to do something; and then there’s people like me. People like myself have a rare ability to be so dense at times that the only way we learn is if we experience life through hard lessons. Like being warned about not putting your tongue on frozen metal in winter and then thinking, ‘hmmm, I wonder what that would be like?’ Our lessons are full of scars and bruises, but hopeful... Read More

The God Series - Consistent.
Posted On 08/19/2017 17:34:04 by ChristnMe


Whenever the beginning is the end and the end, the beginning; it is consistent. This is God! And the Bible begins and ends with the single and prime purpose of God and man having the relationship of a Father to his children and heirs to his Kingdom. The New Jerusalem fulfills what the Garden; Eden was designed to do.

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The Good, Bad and Ugly.
Posted On 04/19/2017 13:37:08 by ChristnMe


A faithless christian is an oxymoron but they do exist and each follower of Christ has to come to terms with their measure of Faith that has been given. The Truth is to Christian is to exercise Faith for all that is good and Righteous before God. Jesus makes two statements regarding the Faith of His followers. The God kind of Faith is what Jesus is referring to when He tells the apostles, “Where is your Faith?” - Lk. 8:25 and “... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - Be True !
Posted On 03/28/2017 15:46:05 by ChristnMe

Be true to Christ! For in Him is the Anointing. Many of the Body having to face the trials and tribulations of the world strain their Blood bought Salvation. We must not surrender what Christ has fought for. For His Blood has already secured His seat of judgment and His will is for all who by free will have taken His Blood to not be before Him.



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Hell Is Biblical!!!
Posted On 06/04/2010 23:54:53 by suanne

The word "hell" is not in Hebrew or Greek language!!!  That statement is true.  But we, Anglo-saxons, don't have concept of the word phrases the original Bible writers used and, therefore, had to translate them.  So our translators used "hell", "pit", and/or "grave" - depends on Bible you read - to translate one Hebrew word and three Greek words. I looked  up "hell" in an exhaustive concordance.  These are the findings.  ... Read More

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