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Feature Blog: BDS.
Posted On 05/19/2017 18:20:22 by ChristnMe


The war has never ended for the Jews. From the moment they were chosen, satan started to annihilate them. They didn’t ask to be chosen but kind of ended up that way without even a debate or a referendum. Of course, all this has to do with when Abram was called by God to start a nation that would be separated onto Him as an example to the world - Gen. 12. We first see them truly forming as a nation when Moses told Pharaoh to release... Read More

Posted On 10/05/2016 21:26:20 by ChristnMe

What is BDS,  but satan himself with all his destructive ways including that of deceptions, injustice and political correctness that clouds the true issues and seek to denigrate God’s people into ridicule, marginalization and to be seen as sub-human for mockery, persecution, having no rights; to be used and abused towards fatal ends. Whenever man has allowed such tyranny to breed and grow, only sickness, disease, and death are the results of it.

http://www.theempoweredchristian.... Read More

Feature Blog - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff !
Posted On 06/01/2016 17:10:50 by ChristnMe


Declare once and for all that the law is dead! There are laws and then there are commandments. The former being temporal and latter being eternal. There are considerations for both, especially as it related to the jews, which we are not. God's intent is not for us to go back to the old ways; which, as we will see, had its purposes. We have been given a new and better covenant, which is sealed with the blood of Jesus. Now this does not mean t... Read More

Bless fellow Christians and others too.
Posted On 06/07/2011 12:41:41 by PastorZomok

Genesis 12:3--

We often hear Genesis 12:3-4 quoted.  God told Abram that he would bless Abram and bless those that bless Abram, but also curse those that curse Abram.  he also indicated that through Abram all the world would be blessed.  This is specifically applied to Abram (later Abraham) and his immediate family; not some other group or clan.  Sadly (in my opin.) this text has been incorrec... Read More

We are Living in Troubled Times….
Posted On 10/28/2009 10:14:50 by nilishai

Israeli Police Storm Jerusalem Holy Site

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