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Feature Blog: BDS.
Posted On 05/19/2017 18:20:22 by ChristnMe


The war has never ended for the Jews. From the moment they were chosen, satan started to annihilate them. They didn’t ask to be chosen but kind of ended up that way without even a debate or a referendum. Of course, all this has to do with when Abram was called by God to start a nation that would be separated onto Him as an example to the world - Gen. 12. We first see them truly forming as a nation when Moses told Pharaoh to release... Read More

10 and Counting.
Posted On 05/18/2016 19:46:20 by ChristnMe


God in His wisdom gave free will to mankind. This is not to be compared to when other creatures make decisions based on trial and error, using an instinctive behaviour. What God wanted was for mankind to accept, respect and put into practise His decrees. We call them, “The Ten Commandments”. The thing about these ten commandments is consequences for not observing them. Sure, today all can be broken and there is no immediate physical punishment,... Read More

Posted On 03/08/2016 16:57:41 by ChristnMe

Who is Abba? When we all come face to face with Him before or after Jesus returns; will it be as a caring Father or as a judgemental God. Our expectation of His deposition may have more to do with our own perspective of Him.He is God and deserves our worship, praise, and reverence. But as we seek Him, much more of His person is revealed. We know Him by several names that describe His stature and abilities. Some of the known names with meanings inc

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