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Another way to spell love
Posted On 11/01/2017 19:50:12 by PastorZomok

 Deuteronomy 15:10-

"Give" is another way to spell love.  Giving to others can certainly be out of love and mercy.  It does not have to be money but could be just helping someone carry their groceries or giving them a ride.  Kind and soft words can give another some needed comfort.  Sukkot and the the holiday seasons are here but doing good should be all the time.

pastor zomok

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Dissertation Corp: Unnecessary Social Media Factors
Posted On 07/08/2017 13:32:46 by Kalvinmicheal55

How To Write An Effective Essays?
Posted On 07/08/2017 13:06:42 by marlinwright

Essay writing is a piece of artistic creation.  It is a magical way to represent your thoughts on specific topics.  An essay writing task is not much easier as you opine.  It requires trained skills to compose an effective essay because there are several varieties of essay writing like Dissertation Writing, Article Writing, Term Paper Writing & Assignment Writing. Here are some tips which will help you in the writing of the best essay. First of all, get the knowledge of gra... Read More

water from a rock
Posted On 01/04/2014 00:14:06 by PastorZomok

...Or God can rescue his own...

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GIVE when you have little
Posted On 08/27/2013 05:31:12 by PastorZomok


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