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Dominating, With Class
Posted On 09/24/2009 23:04:59 by BibleRhymes

Every child with a good upbringing is taught something as they are growing up; don't take advantage of the weak. Every adult with a moral conscience has learned that lesson and taken it to heart.

If you look out at nature (which is often a beneficial exercise when trying to understand people) you can see animal instincts in action. Survival of the fittest has been the determining factor of what species of animals, plants and insects thrive on this world.

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On the Field
Posted On 08/31/2008 14:43:39 by baseballdude352


I go to a Christian school where football is our main sport and we have the chance to witness with the teams that we play and how we play. I play football and when we play we prepare to win but we also know that we may be the only Christians that our other team come in contact with so we always play for God. I will be adding to this blog "On the Field" as often as I can so I can share with you how football and Christianity relate. Thats all for now. Colosians 2:23.


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