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Some thoughts on Exodus 2
Posted On 01/03/2018 22:38:09 by PastorZomok

The infant Moshe (Moses) was in danger from his birth.  The dynasty in power had enslaved the Hebrew people and now a call went out to kill male infants in an effort to keep the population of the Hebrews down.  The evil authorities were alarmed by foreigners in the country but their ways of handling the situation were evil.

The mother of Moses (Moses not named yet) was obviously in great despair but she kn... Read More

Go to Nature
Posted On 10/25/2017 22:25:22 by PastorZomok

Bread of the presence...
Posted On 10/08/2017 14:50:35 by PastorZomok

I always like to find new things about the Hebrew language, within the scriptures, that show the depth of what is being taught.  Men inspired by God were moved to write these things and they are for us to discover.

I was examining exodus 25:23-24, where it describes a table of acacia wood and some of the items associated with it.  The table was to be part of the tent tabernacle furniture.  I noticed this clause, "And you shall set the Bread of the... Read More

The Bill Cosby Controversy
Posted On 12/02/2014 00:41:38 by PastorZomok

Are you a herd animal?
Posted On 06/06/2014 22:24:48 by PastorZomok

Do you run with the crowd or do you think, pray, and then decide what to do?  I try to do the latter, although I am by no means perfect.  I think most people do the former.  Exodus 23:2 tells us to not follow a multitude to do evil.. &... Read More

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