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Cost Benefit Analysis
Posted On 12/05/2017 16:28:54 by HomerLes

When we lived in P.E.I. I once had a crazy thought. Now this thought is really wild and I am kind of scared about throwing it at you because it is so bizarre. Well here goes. I was thinking that we often talk, as believers, about what Jesus did for us on the cross and all that God has done for us. Webpages and books wax eloquent on the gracious, giving nature of God and how great His gifts are to us. So here is my crazy thought. What does God get in return? For all of God’... Read More

Posted On 11/25/2017 18:13:22 by HomerLes

Waiting for God was the hardest thing He ever asked us to do in the wilderness. When hunger gnawed at our stomachs or freezing cold penetrated every part of our bodies the moments ticked by with excruciating slowness. When we spent hours upon hours just lying on the ground under the tarp waiting for something to happen; anything, we thought we might go mad. God did not release us then. No, He was content to let us just wait. Our ‘self’ nature hated every moment and screa... Read More

Posted On 07/22/2010 22:39:21 by suanne

David was loyal to God and, therefore, did not kill Saul the numerous chances he had.  David would not lay a hand on God's annointed king, even though God had so promised He would make David king.  David understood it had to be done in God's time and in God's way.  David trusted that God would do what He said He would do.  David knew he didn't have to scheme and manuever and manipulate to achieve God's goal for his life.  Throughout this time in David's life, he was a... Read More

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