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PoE: Do You Need Help Understanding The Endgame
Posted On 04/19/2018 08:39:44 by makebloom

In Path of Exile, you may a new player and confused about the end-game. Anyways, you may want a good guide out that allowed you to understand the nuances of the end-game. So I hope the following guide will help you.

1. Trade is really only as necessary as you choose to make it. Having game currency trade on u4gm is a good choice. Plenty of people happily play SSF (Solo, Self-Found), meaning no trading at all. High level mapping is still quite possible without bothering to trade at all.... Read More

What God Loves
Posted On 04/10/2018 00:42:49 by ProphetFox

 God delights in the small things https://prophetfox.com/god-hears-and-loves-every- prayer-praise-gift-and-blessin g-in-his-name/

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Seeds and growth
Posted On 04/01/2018 22:53:48 by PastorZomok

Happy Easter. I am alone and going to work in several hours. It has been very depressing for me lately with several let downs but feel better by fasting for a few days now, which I will continue until Tuesday night. Yes it is the Easter season and the early church offered an alternate to the pagan feasts of Romans and t... Read More

Did You Create A Build And Gave Up In Path Of Exile?
Posted On 03/27/2018 07:54:32 by makebloom

In Path of Exile, I made a hierophant self caster and gave up on it. Damage felt lacking, the spell leech felt kinda mediocre, and I regret playing frostbolt. The spell felt kinda lacking in effects and isn't flashy. Let's take a look at some experiences of collectors of poe currency cheap:

1. I've pretty much given up on my Oni Juggernaut Tectonic Slam. This build is painful and my dps is absurdly low. When I enter level 7 masters in rotations, I can't quickly kill anything. I m... Read More

Proverbs 8 | Wisdom
Posted On 02/01/2018 16:22:45 by iamfaithful333

Proverbs 8 gives us lenses to see that everywhere we look, #wisdom is calling us to live lives anchored in God's #Truth. 
There are no shortcuts to wisdom, but #Solomon reminds us that the #pursuitof God's Truth has rich #rewards:

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