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Willing or Becoming
Posted On 12/06/2017 15:45:09 by HomerLes

In Luke 14:33 it is written “So then, any of you who does not forsake (renounce, surrender claim to, give up, say good-bye to) all that he has cannot be M y disciple.” Now read that verse carefully. Got it? Now read it again to see if there is a mistake in that verse? Anything? If you listen to many pastors, bible teachers and theologians there is a mistake. These people would tell you the words “does not” should actually be interpreted as “not... Read More

A Picture of Self
Posted On 12/04/2017 14:01:41 by HomerLes

This is Milo. If you have read Wilderness – How to Marry Jesus in 10 Years or Less you learned that Milo is our dog. He is part lab, part pit-bull and 100% alpha male, with all the necessary equipment intact. He has been a wonderful companion, loving protector and difficult thorn in our side ever since God brought him into our lives. Milo is a baby and a bully, ornery and sweet and we love him to bits. Now animals are important to us as they no... Read More

God and Elijah
Posted On 07/20/2010 15:47:43 by suanne

Well, I have to tell on myself.  I pulled an Elijah yesterday.  On Sunday, I was so full of the Holy Spirit, joy and peace bubbled out of me, even though I had not slept well the night before.  Prior to bed, I had prayed to focus on God the entire day, and to not get distracted.  Well, that prayer worked.  Like Elijah (at Mt. Carmel) I had had a wonderful VICTORY!!!  Ut Oh!!!  Beware!!!

Monday I had a change of heart and was in great despair. I d... Read More

We Know The End of the Story
Posted On 07/15/2010 16:09:34 by suanne

I'm reading a wonderful book about Jesus' second coming.  The book points out that Jesus speaks and the devil listens.  The line of command is God is the one in authority.  Nothing happens by way of Satan that God has not approved.  The devil asks to sift Peter and asks to torment Job.  On earth, demons asked Jesus not to kill them, but send them into the pigs.  In all cases, the devil obeyed God!!!  The devil also got kicked out of heaven too by powers... Read More

An Interesting Dream...
Posted On 02/27/2010 18:16:32 by dwx882

Last night I had this dream that to me was sad. When I woke up I wondered exactly why I had the dream in the first place. I tried to rationalize everything  in my mind. The man in the dream was Jon Heder (some of you may know him from napoleon dynamite). That part of my dream can be explained by the fact that my family watched a movie with him in it earlier in the day. The rest of the dream, however, I don't know where it came from. As I thought about it more and more, it seemed like a p... Read More

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