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Cost Benefit Analysis
Posted On 12/05/2017 16:28:54 by HomerLes

When we lived in P.E.I. I once had a crazy thought. Now this thought is really wild and I am kind of scared about throwing it at you because it is so bizarre. Well here goes. I was thinking that we often talk, as believers, about what Jesus did for us on the cross and all that God has done for us. Webpages and books wax eloquent on the gracious, giving nature of God and how great His gifts are to us. So here is my crazy thought. What does God get in return? For all of God’... Read More

Giftings and Character
Posted On 11/16/2017 13:43:31 by HomerLes

One of the few themes Wanda and I talk a great deal about is the great contrast between the left hand and the right hand of God. I know it may seem strange but there is an important truth that lies buried here. As we have grown in our understanding, we have learned that on God’s left hand are all His gifts and talents that He gives to people whether they are saved or not. On God’s right hand is the character that is formed when one renounces ‘self’ and embraces the l... Read More

Feature Blog: The More it Changes, The More it Stays the Sames !
Posted On 06/24/2016 18:15:54 by ChristnMe

Character is the DNA of our very being. It defines who we are to those around us, and more so, it defines us as a Christian to God. Social graces and traditions can be deceptive if we allow it to overshadow our Christian character. By this, I mean everything we do and say should first come from a Christ-like perspective; by His way of dealing with things as it is required. Jesus addressed everything in the appropriate manner required, so that truth, freedom of the curse was expressed and... Read More

Rays of Son column, week of July 3, 2011
Posted On 07/10/2011 02:47:18 by kidcool4jesus

Sunday school students write about Bible characters

By Greg Miller

Gloria taught a class of second graders during Sunday school at her local church.

A high school guidance counselor, Gloria realized the importance of helping children to decide on a career path early in life. She also believed they should have a firm understanding of the characters who are written about in God’s Word.

Gloria began a series of studies about Old Testament and New Testament character... Read More

In the World, But Not of the World
Posted On 06/13/2011 18:59:18 by tonyowens

In The World, But Not Of The World



John 17:11-16 says;

... Read More

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