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Posted On 02/25/2017 14:43:03 by ChristnMe


Many secular teachings talk about having PMA - Positive Mental Attitude; and where there is truth in this it falls short in that it may cause you to ignore negative aspects of your life that prevent you from receiving the working of the Blessing. It’s as the Bible states, that even though you may have the Gifts of the Spirit and Faith to move mountains; without love; you are nothing. Unless we have a holistic attitude to ou... Read More

A True Man.
Posted On 06/16/2016 00:51:30 by ChristnMe


Jesus has always been looked to as a reflection of what a true man of God is to be. Yet, in God’s wisdom, Jesus did not encompass all that a man in this world has the ability and availability to be. Jesus was indeed a leader, servant, and a teacher and exemplifies what all men who want to be “true-blue” should strive to be. We have been given a broad stroke as it were to the offices of men and with actual scenarios, see how Jesus set an exampl... Read More

Check Your Attitude By Dr. Dale A. Robbins
Posted On 06/10/2010 01:47:19 by heartbeat54

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word "attitude" means "an internal position or feeling with regard to something else." Other words often used as synonyms are: "disposition, feeling, mood, opinion, sentiment, temper, tone, perspective, frame of mind, outlook, view, or morale."

Airplane pilots often use "attitude" to describe their horizontal relationship with the runway then they land. If their attitude isn’t aligned properly, the pla... Read More

New Poem: Are You Catchy?
Posted On 04/04/2009 00:44:41 by BibleRhymes

The new poem of the day is called Are You Catchy?

It's short. And sweet.

And I hope you are catchy!

Have a good weekend if you don't hear from me again.

All my thoughts,


... Read More

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