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The Boma
Posted On 11/29/2017 17:33:07 by HomerLes

I do not believe in coincidences. Having followed God through the wilderness, we have experienced His humble and invisible hand of love reach out and lead us too many times to think otherwise. Each time I was surprised at the gentle and quiet way He connected with us. His tender care and sweet love always catch me off guard. So when my family gave me the book The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony for my birthday, I was not expecting God to break into my world and speak... Read More

Make A Decision
Posted On 11/28/2017 14:10:26 by HomerLes

I can remember it clearly as if it just happened. Boris, our much loved South African ballroom dance teacher, bellowing out across the dance floor, “MAKE A DECISION!!” There I was, my beautiful bride in my arms, doing nothing but box steps like a one legged duck trying to swim and my dance teacher had enough. Our dance teacher, of course, saw that I was stuck going in circles not knowing what to do. I had many choices of steps I could take but was paralyzed out of fear a... Read More

Happy New Year!
Posted On 12/18/2009 19:19:42 by carissann

It’s always strange adjusting to the new year – I always feel the last one went by far too quickly. But in my opinion, each year gets better, so bring on 2010!


Admittedly, I cannot believe where I am at the close of 2009. When God first brought Empower africa up in my life last March, I had no idea that by December I would be living in P... Read More

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