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Make Your Marriage Top Priority!
Posted On 05/26/2015 23:11:44 by joshgreentree

As married people know, most couples don't tie the knot and live happily ever after. With the divorce rate at roughly 50% for believers and non-believers alike, it's clear that marriage can be tough work. While there are many reasons for this high divorce rate, one of the main ones is people not prioritizing their marriage like other things in their life. For example, think of how much time is spent surfing the internet, watching TV, or cultivating hobbies compared to how much time is spent c... Read More

The most beautiful wedding dresses 2015
Posted On 05/24/2015 23:46:13 by LucyScott

The wedding season 2015 is opened. Reason enough to amp of the newly minted brides Olivia Palermo, Julia Stegner &; Co. be inspired to. From sexy to romantic - we show the prettiest Wedding Outfits the Stars plus the most beautiful destination wedding dresses for shopping

Not so easy: The search for the perfect wedding dress. Should it be long or short, slim fit or undulating, white or cream, sexy or romantic? We show you how the Stars in 2014 came down the aisle - to admi... Read More

Posted On 05/20/2015 00:49:44 by PastorZomok

It's Been a Good Week
Posted On 05/16/2015 22:46:43 by mpelky917

I had a really good week so far. My cousin stopped to see me a couple days ago and went out to eat and to the mall. Today my cousin brought me lunch and I also got to listen to some childen sing in a coir. They were good.

... Read More

Posted On 05/14/2015 08:56:13 by PastorZomok

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