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The fourth generation iDrive Internet Driving
Posted On 05/05/2015 03:06:40 by maxspeedingrods

BMW's iDrive system has been developed to drive interconnected to the third-generation (Learn more about BMW Internet driving click here), the new 7 Series is equipped with fourth-generation iDrive addition to retaining the existing features and operating practices, the biggest change is the addition of touch and gesture control of two new operating mode. The new 7 Series is not limited to the LCD screen touch operation, there are three console is designed to be touch screen, from top to bott... Read More

The new 7 Series Lightweight
Posted On 05/05/2015 03:05:15 by maxspeedingrods

Since 2002, BMW EfficientDynamics strategy proposed (BMW EfficientDynamics) since, lightweight construction which has always been an important part. On the i series of new energy vehicles, BMW pioneered the use of high strength and lightweight carbon fiber composite materials (CFRP) production crew compartment, which about 50 percent lighter than steel, lighter than aluminum about 30% of the material can significantly reduce the body weight, to offset the additional weight of lithium produced... Read More

Enjoying Beauty is a Gift
Posted On 05/01/2015 18:27:12 by PastorZomok

Book Review: For the Glory of God, by R. Stark
Posted On 04/29/2015 09:19:29 by PastorZomok

This is an excellent book!!!... Read More

The Lip Of Truth
Posted On 04/28/2015 02:48:29 by jgranger

http://www.collectivefaith.com/blog/1562/the-lip-of-truth /

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