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Get the Best Assignment Writing Help
Posted On 11/22/2017 11:49:51 by kyle192

Hiring Best Assignment Writing Service may not have been your initial idea but do remember, students have always felt it be difficult to actually get work done on a daily basis. This is because of the extreme amount of work that they are expected to deliver every single day. So contact British Academic Writers for more details now! 

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It has been before~~~
Posted On 11/22/2017 05:18:54 by PastorZomok


When listening to the oldies song, "As tears go by" I started to think of how the ancient Hebrews looked upon time as cyclical rather than linear as we do in Western thinking. They often would see the past as in front of them rather then behind because the past was more clear than the future. The exact words escape me at the moment. This makes good logic as we have both memories and photos of the past but not the future. They would walk forward of course but wit... Read More

Battle Strategy: Truth
Posted On 11/22/2017 04:39:34 by HomerLes

God helps those who help themselves. Do you believe that? I hope not because it is not true. In fact, that quote was written by Benjamin Franklin and is a calling card for ‘self’. The truth is that God does NOT help those who help themselves. Why should He? The pride and self-reliance of one who helps himself has everything under control. What does he/she need God for? This lie by Benjamin Franklin is just one example of the many lies that believers accept as truth today... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - The Just One.
Posted On 11/21/2017 00:54:48 by ChristnMe

The just one awaits! Awaits for His enemies to be put under His stool. In Him, lies our Victory and Glory. For is He not the Blessed Assurance; the hope of Glory that we all with closed mouths have an expectation for?


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Battle Strategy: Thankfulness
Posted On 11/20/2017 16:20:06 by HomerLes

Imagine if you will a wagon with a driver being pulled by two horses. The two horses are your mind and your emotions. The driver is your will and the cart is your body. The two horses, your mind and emotions, will take your body, the cart, wherever your will, the driver, wants to go. Simple, right? It would be simple but there is one thing missing from our picture and that is the invisible spirit and ‘self’ that sit, hidden, on each side of the driver whispering instruct... Read More

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