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I consider the Apocrypha scripture
Posted On 05/24/2018 09:35:41 by PastorZomok

I generally identify as a Protestant Evangelical, however, I do not agree with the majority of protestants on the Books that are labelled 'Apocrypha' or '2nd Canon' by Catholics.  In General the Protestant churches reject these books (Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach, et al), whereas the Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox churches except them as scriptures.  There has been debate about them since the dawn of Chris... Read More

Do not make a mistake like Ham did.
Posted On 05/12/2018 13:51:25 by PastorZomok

In Genesis 9, verses 20 to 24 we read about the episode of Noah drinking wine (yayin) beyond simple moderation and being found naked and passed out drunk, in his tent.  The scriptures do not go into alot of detail but it is clear that Ham did something wrong because Noah curses the line of Ham  The story line gives little detail but it seems to me that Ham shamed his father.  He could have simply threw something over his father but decided to broadcaste the inform... Read More

The Suffering Messiah foretold
Posted On 05/09/2018 14:10:19 by PastorZomok

In the Old Testament there is a great text in Isaiah chapter 53 that depicts a suffering servant.  Down through the corridor of time this has been interpreted in many ways.  In much Jewish literature (i.e. Talmud) this has been looked at as the Israel nation being trampled upon and even in exile. In the Zohar it has been given several interpretations. Despite all this, a casual reading makes it clear that this is an individual.  Here is the text itself (Young's... Read More

Building walls; building lives
Posted On 05/03/2018 08:26:00 by PastorZomok

One of the reasons I voted for Mr. Trump is that I was thinking that he would be an American Nehemiah and push to build up the wall on our southern border.  He has made efforts in that direction but just as Nehemiah, Mr. Trump has ran into obstacles as well as the less than honorable opposition.  Anytime one wishes to do things that are good they will encounter forces that stand in the way.  The Book of Nehemi... Read More

The Practical Christian Series. - How not to sin.
Posted On 05/02/2018 23:21:38 by ChristnMe


How not to sin is the question and everyone who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior must endeavor to be sinless for God’s Glory to be effective and for the Body of Christ to attain new heights of Revelation. Yet, being near to God and Jesus in person does not prevent sin from entering into our spirits, minds, and bodies.

... Read More

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