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Explosion changed Holden Commodore "heavy artillery" Output 748
Posted On 09/22/2014 21:44:38 by fashonmi

Walkinshaw Performance recently announced their modified Commodore details. The modified Commodore was named "performance parts", this section applies to models for the modification package VE Commodore VF and four version, travel and so on. Limited edition of 50 sets. This modification package for Eaton Twin Vortice 2300 core supercharged, water-cooled intercooler.

There are also large-capacity air intake device, cat-back exhaust system and high stiffness custom crankshaft and valve.... Read More

Give honor to moms
Posted On 09/14/2014 17:32:51 by PastorZomok

Posted On 09/07/2014 17:00:45 by PastorZomok

In the scriptures the raven is sometimes associated with divine Providence and help.  In 1 Kings 17:6 we read of how God fed Elijah by sending him these dark birds.  This is something to think on.  God can send his people other peo... Read More

Believe It or Not!
Posted On 09/02/2014 19:52:52 by RevChuck

Believe it or not

2 Cor.5:18,19 NKJV “Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus C... Read More

Love comes through
Posted On 09/01/2014 22:35:22 by PastorZomok

Our lives in... Read More

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