Content: Praying for you both. Please don't give up. Isaiah 53:5. I have been through cancer, digestive system failure, tumors the size of melons and grapefruits, heart problems and more including suddenly losing my Mother/best friend two months ago, and the tears still have not stopped. To top it off I have no home of my own presently. I too have not been to service in a long time due to health and no transportation, and I have had no visitors. Though life for me has never ever been easy it has been our Lord and Savior who has brought me through and closer to Him, and is now my friend and I love Him. By seeking Him and his plan for me, always praying and reading His Word daily, He has given me strength by learning who He is and I see now how he turns my bad into good and victory Romans 8:28. I have signed (in case of death) papers enough times to know it is God that holds, heals and keeps me. I think maybe I know the discouragement that you feel and call on God often to lift me out and above it, and He never fails. I don't know you or your wife but I love you both with the love of the Lord, and I am praying for you. Hang in there and keep believing, praying giving everything to God. He can handle all. Matthew 19:26. P.s. Praise report.... I haven't owned a car for 5 years, but was blessed to purchase one yesterday. God is faithful and in His time and plan things work. God bless you and your wife