Title: Do not make a mistake like Ham did.
Tags: Noah, Ham, curse, wine, drunk, naked
Blog Entry: In Genesis 9, verses 20 to 24 we read about the episode of Noah drinking wine (yayin) beyond simple moderation and being found naked and passed out drunk, in his tent.  The scriptures do not go into alot of detail but it is clear that Ham did something wrong because Noah curses the line of Ham  The story line gives little detail but it seems to me that Ham shamed his father.  He could have simply threw something over his father but decided to broadcaste the information to his brethren.  Ham shamed and embarrassed his father.  Please keep in mind that Noah was righteous in God's eyes due to faith but was still a mere man with flaws.  The Bible does not cover this up (no pun) as pagan writing will do about heroes and such.  The Bible makes it clear that even the best are sinful.  Ham failed to bring honor to his father in this episode, which is a great wrong.   It is also possible that Ham may have spoke evil and made fun of his fathers situation but we must not read too much into scriptures, nontheless, we should refraim from speaking evil of others. ( James 3:10). zomok