Title: Live Well, Love Well God Loves you in it all!
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Blog Entry: A revelation was given to me last night. I was thinking about how to increase this ministry, meetings for the public to attend, and the increase of folks downloading the new Prophet’s Call App. I had also attended a friends homegoing celebration on Saturday. I walked into the church building and was struck by the number of people attending my friends’ celebration of his life ( he is now with the Lord Jesus). I heard some funny stories about this man, listened intently to funny sailing stories, vacation stories, Bible Study stories and work life friendships that lasted for many years. As about a dozen people stood up to share how this man impacted their lives, I knew that my friend had “walked with God like Enoch, and was not”.  Genesis 5:22-25. Three short verses dedicated to a man who lived 365 years. So, he (Enoch) knew God, spoke to God and witnessed of Gods Faithfulness till God just took him.  My friend did the same, he loved people, and Loved God and his presence. He prayed with lots of family, friends, co-workers, and people who God led him to “can I pray for you?” He said. Many of his prayers were answered. So God set me up to view my friends’ life through the eyes of others, and come away with this: it does not matter that this ministry will be in great demand, all that matters is to be faithful in the day to day ministry of God. To (as Prophet Bob Jones preached) Did you learn to Love? I Corinthians 13  written by Paul says “if you can do all these things and do not have love, it means nothing.” So knowing love is knowing Jesus and making His Love known. I pray that many people who are pre-believers will download the Prophet’s Call App. I expect to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and His Love to all who request a word or book a live phone call. The point, the mission is to be faithful to the call and anointing God has given me and seek to let all who are hungry for Him, know Him and His Love.  It’s not about standing on a stage, proclaiming a word to lots of people. It's about proclaiming Gods Word to Hungry People who are seeking, searching and will find the Open Door of Gods Word of Love for them. Here is the link to download your app from Android: