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Blog Entry: Death by Childbirth: Most women suffer this after sleeping with a male Taltos. When Lasher attempts to create more of his race by raping other members of Rowan's family, they all miscarry and hemorrhage. Only Rowan survives, but she has to have a hysterectomy afterwards. Mona also survives giving birth to Morrigan but she becomes very ill over the next six years until her vampire transformation. Would Hit a Girl: Tate slaps the wealthy landowner's wife Rosario to make her stop yelling. Villainous Valour: Lieutenant Alvaro Ferrera at the beginning of the movie, bravely trying to rescue the captain from Chuncho and his gang, only to be shot down by Chuncho. Then again, this is a world of Black and Grey Morality, so it depends on who's more heroic, the lieutenant or Chuncho. You know how you shouldn't screw around with guns because they're dangerous? You know. because they're specifically designed to kill and maim people instantly? Well, the normal rules don't apply when it comes to comedy. Whether it's the police chief eating donuts off his gun barrel or some clown juggling loaded guns, the normal rules of safety don't apply. "I wouldn't think that they're going to trade him within in the division," Corry said. "You only do that if you think he won't play. . If you're going to trade for Alex Smith, (agent) Tom Condon is going to rake you over the coals on an extension. He's coming off his best year." Likely, neither will happen. Del Rio may grind his teeth about Lynch, and he occasionally does, but there is no evidence other than the bleating of the drool based punditocracy, that Lynch impedes progress. He has been singled out as a reason the Raider offense hasn't functioned very well this year, and their late burst Thursday night will fuel that correlation causation fire. On top of that, when Eon succeeds in implanting himself in the Omnitrix, he declares that "two cannot exist in one world", disappearing into a different point in the time stream. Too Dumb to Live: Ben, after being attacked twice by Eon, decides to take him head on by himself by waiting out in the open for him despite the fact that Eon can keep the Omnitrix from working properly. Noodle Incident: Both Bowdens' past infidelities, requiring therapy and forcing them to move. Leigh suspected Lori and Sam were having an affair, thus explaining some phone conversation in hushed tones (actually, he was checking on her after Cady attacked her). Obfuscating Disability: When the judge granted the restraining order against Bowden, Cady hobbled right out of court in crutches. The French sci fi film Chrysalis features a memory manipulating machine (capable of erasing and adding memories) which is used on the hero cop when he comes too close to a criminal conspiracy. He retains some flashes of information (and all of his fighting skills), which is enough to continue investigating. On the villain's side, the Big Bad implanted the memories of his raped and then torched daughter on a Replacement Goldfish young woman. and no matter how much he tried, he's unable to erase the memories of the rape (The Hero enters the memory manipulation room just as the doctor is in the middle of yet another try, and the man is having a Villainous Breakdown because the memories are doing a Rewind, Replay, Repeat of the rapist's face). But she is a developed character outside the trope and is actually the Blue Oni to Josh's Red. Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow: Discussed by Ruby, where she mocks herself for enforcing the stereotype, as most of her boyfriends have been white. Josh also says that his friends made fun of him for dating Asian girls, joking that he has a Race Fetish. It doesn't help that the sheriff is a Villain with Good Publicity and that both Matt and Gail are hardly immune to mind games or temptation, but even Merlyn is made out to be decidedly weaker than her adversary and gaining more power to face him almost pushes her too far. In the autobiographical manga Honey and Honey, Sachiko tries to come out as a lesbian to her best friend Mai. Mai suddenly grows cold and seems kind of upset, which leads Sachiko to worry that her friend is homophobic. In the end, cheap jerseys it turns out that Mai was upset because she thought the "Kana" Sachiko kept mentioning was Sachiko's new best friend rather than her girlfriend. Rather than being upset about her best friend being gay, she was actually upset about potentially being replaced. Once Mai learns the truth, she apologizes and then immediately begins asking about their sex life. If a flower is drawn, it is set aside and a new tile drawn. Flowers may be worth points at the end of a hand. Each one corresponds to a direction: East is 1, South is 2, West is 3, and North is 4. If the hand was won by a discarded tile, the discarding player pays the value of the hand to the winner. If the hand was won by a tile drawn from the wall, all three players pay the winner; how the value is split up or duplicated depends on the variant. If the dealer is the winner, he keeps the dealer button for an extra hand. If there are not enough tiles left in the wall and nobody has won, the hand ends in a draw; in most variants, this occurs at 14 tiles left. In the event of the draw, the dealer usually keeps the dealer button. Being the dealer often has scoring advantages, although the specific advantages depend on the variant. Second, he goes and takes the body of Roger Wilco Jr. to settle his final score with him mano a mano. Kid from the Future: Roger Wilco's son, to be precise. La Rsistance: Time travelers butting heads with the Sequel Police to find Roger in the Space Quest IV era and send him to Space Quest XII to defeat Vohaul, on grounds that he's the only person in history who ever managed to do it. Brother Sister Incest: Played with. Beautiful Maria and Ubu Roy are not genetic siblings, as they were both genetically engineered by their "father" from scratch. However, they have been raised as brother and sister, so their feelings for each other are no different than if they had biological ties. That said, they have no problem screwing each other whenever they feel like it (it gets pretty graphic at times), although this can be justified by the fact that (after their "father's" suicide) it's just the two of them on long voyages and that their "father" used hormones to boost their growth, which made them all the more horny. Other characters just refer to him as either "Monk" or "Nameless." Parental Substitute: Mr. Kojima looks after Kar and tries to convince him to get his life figured out. Plot Armor: In universe justification for the Monk; he literally can't die until he finds a successor. Time won't let him. Since arriving in San Diego via Queens prior to the 2007 season, Heath Bell has put up Playstation like (or should I say, Wii esque) numbers. He ranks sixth among all relievers in Wins Above Replacement and leads the league in primal screams, bullpen sprints, pitching mound stolen bases and Elvis impersonations. The 34 year old seemingly had another vintage season in 2011, rocking a 2.44 ERA and nailing down 43 saves. But look a little closer, and you might begin to wonder if there was a Bell impostor on the mound for the Padres this year. "I expect them to make him a priority this offseason, as he's been an integral part of the dynamic offense that has gotten them to theSuper Bowl."Clearly, the team's front office agreed, even if it would have preferred Campbell hadn't publicly advocated for her client right before the Super Bowl.The decision to pay Freeman big bucks puts Coleman's long term future with the franchise in question. The multi class findable secondary weapon: the Panic Attack, plays with and inverts this trope, it functions by having the player load up their shots into the clip, and firing them in quick succession after releasing the trigger, with considerably faster, but less accurate shots the lower the user's health. This mechanic forces players to consider what state they need to be in, and the method of approach depending on their current state, making it also Difficult, but Awesome when skilled players can quickly take down most enemies by ambushing them at low health and point blank. The Starscream: Hussein Kamel. It backfires on him. Tyrant Takes the Helm: According to Al Bakr, thanks to his rule with Saddam as deputy Iraq has schools and food for all of the people, for the first time in history. He is depossed and Saddam's regime is quickly driven by megalomania and tyranny. The Unfettered: Saddam states this as the reason why he decides to personally execute his closest ally and friend, Adnan Hamdani, to display his ferocity. Adnan has been nothing but loyal to Saddam, but a man who could kill his best friend as a show of strength is a man who has no limits and is thus to be feared. Ungrateful Bastard: Saddam orders Barzan to raze Dujail to the ground after he was almost assassinated there. Barzan does so, and is visibly distraught by what he's been made to do. When he reports to Saddam that the deed is done both are attending Barzan's daughter's wedding "thanks" him by demanding he leave the country in 24 hours. Villain Protagonist: Saddam, full stop. The War on Terror: Which ultimately leads to Saddam's removal from power. You Are in Command Now: Hussein takes over as head of the Republican Guard after Saddam gives Barzan the boot and exiles him from Iraq.