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Blog Entry: Both are Smug Snakes who are from a higher class than Callan, are generally rotten towards him, have very little in the way of conscience, suck up to Hunter, and enjoy their jobs. Tall, Dark, and Snarky: baseball jersey size 52 equivalent exchange Meres. These Hands Have Killed Title Drop: Almost every episode contains a line of dialogue with the episode's title. Kyonko The only character who don't have variations on it (nick)name. Some still prefer to call her 'Kyon', tough, as Kyon is a nickname, so it wasn't deemed necessary to change it. Anyway, when there's discussion about Kyonko, she's usually referred to with the "ko" for easier identification. Two of the passwords which work are "xesyrruf" and "iwanttocuminsideauroradash", Aurora Dash being the creator's My Little Pony self. Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: The Stage 2 boss, eRrOrPn, is a reference to the Into the Void fan ARG of Ben Drowned. It has almost no bearing on the plot and it takes the form of a giant ghostly cat for some reason. It's a betrayal of the original's integrity and vision so complete that it almost feels like a joke, not to mention a great example of how nobody's better at ruining a good story than an American film studio; Matt Zoller Seitz even once called it the worst remake of all time. Science academy before becoming field agents) are very similar; one early fan theory even had it that Simmons would eventually become the MCU version of Mockingbird. Bet you never thought you'd see a Hellcow reference in this franchise, did you, true believers? The location Coulson meets with Raina is La Comtesse Furieuse which translates to The Furious Countess. Self Plagiarism: Irving Berlin recycled a few songs for the soundtrack (notably "Easter Parade," whose tune dates from 1914) in addition to writing new ones. Show Within a Show: They actually used the movie's sets as the movie within the movie's sets. Single Tear: Linda has one while recording "White Christmas" on the movie set at the end. The series, fully called Telepathy Shoujo Ran Jiken Note, describes how Ran deals with her newly found abilities and how it affects her relationship with her friends and family, mostly in an "adventure per episode" format. The stuff Ran, Midori and Rui have to deal with ranges from fairly mundane school troubles, through low key detective work reasonably-priced nhl jerseys to run ins with local godhoods. The second phase of the boss in the Fourze level does this. Harder Than Hard: Hell difficulty in Battride War II. Joke Character: The first print run of Genesis includes a download code for a special character: Takeshi Hongo disguised as a Shocker Soldier. His attacks are slower and weaker than his Rider form (and even his standard human form) and his specials include a "weaponized" version of the Shocker salute. Her parents also seem to do more than sit in the palace doing nothing. Scary Shiny Glasses: Fawdry Shout Out: To , , and one long shout out to . Just to name a few. Silent Snarker: Mr Fluffycuddles The Power of Friendship: Itchyknee san and Master of Parade Balloon Animals are taught a lesson in honour and grace. Protection has been solid, Wentz said. of the things that have happened are on me. Some of the nakeds and stuff, which is on me. That is football. I have to get rid of the ball. So I am not really concerned about that. I know those guys are going to be rock solid all year. Thursday night is any indication of the state of Wentz game then we should expect himto take thatnext stepin 2017. Previously On: The first chapter includes a recap of what happened in Hades Contingency. Professional Killer: Cerian considers himself an Assassin. Required Secondary Powers: In chapter 9, Shen expresses concerns about the MEC programme because the augmenta. This is virtually a guaranteed Game Over the first few times. Controllable Helplessness: Even ropes can't hold the mighty Nightshade! He can't move at all in the conveyor belt sequence, but you can manipulate his feet to reach the controls. Conveniently Placed Sharp Thing: A variant in the start of the game, as you use a Conveniently Placed Candle to burn ropes holding you to a chair. Supervillain Lair Unusually, Englishman's villains appear to be itinerant while he himself has a permanent (and over ground) base, the Englishmansion in New York and later the English Castle in San Francisco. Take That! Mostly aimed at Family Guy. Thematic Rogues Gallery Most obviously Frenchman, his French counterpart and nemesis. It originally ran on several websites, but is currently being rewritten as a scrap book style novel very much in the same vein as House of Leaves so that it can reach a wider audience without the fuss of having to sort through everything, like YouTube, Twitter, chatlogs and such. Sit tight, it's on its way! Turner was Shanahan's RBs coach in Washington and Atlanta, while Rathman has served as San Francisco's RBs coach since 2009. Shanahan promised he'd bring Turner on wherever he landed, but he obviously respects Rathman as well and wants to keep him on in some capacity. Shanahan doesn't plan on hiring an offensive coordinator so he could probably use an extra hand on offense. Feb 9 6:53 PM Motor Mouth: "La Valse a Mille Temps" (The Waltz With A Thousand Beats) by the last verse. My Country Tis of Thee That I Sting: Brel was often fiercely critical of the Flemish and especially Flemish nationalists. Yet he always considered himself to be Flemish, since he was born in Menen and raised by Flemish parents, even though he spoke French and his knowledge of the Dutch language was always rusty. How difficult will it be to keep Swansea City in the Premier League? It's a big task. It's different when being a head coach to an assistant but I'm up for the challenge here. I've said to the players I'm with them, I could have stayed at Bayern and win the league and advance in into the further stages of the Champions League but I've done that last six years, but I feel good and excited by this challenge. The acting (by a racially diverse cast heavy on women) is superb, the neo noir/paranoid thriller production design is sumptuous and menacing, and the unexpectedly raw sex is as emotionally fraught as the dialogue.8. Black ish (ABC)Kenya Barris series about an upper middle class black family in a mostly white suburb came back for a second season carrying itself like a hybrid of Malcolm in the Middle and All in the Family, if you can imagine such a thing. Save Scumming: Abusing Quicksave and Quickload is one way to combat the difficulty of the game. Sex Sells: The print advertising campaign consisted of a vaguely Asian woman in a bikini wanting you to know she thinks size matters. Script Breaking: Upon entering an underground tunnel, a cutscene is triggered where an enemy appears, runs off, and causes the tunnel to cave in by exploding it. Nearly half a chapter in Wizard's First Rule is about Kahlan deciding she should sleep with Richard despite the fact it would destroy his mind, with her inner monologue going through rationalizations such as maybe he'll be more devoted to his quest if it does happen. She actually tries, with him stopping her at the last moment this point he's worked out there's something dangerous about her, but he's not sure what. She still hates herself for trying. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck. And Andrew Luck. The Colts QB missed nine games this past season because of injuries, but he's expected to be healthy next season. The team also has Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley, who teamed up to lead Indianapolis to a victory in Week 17 over Tennessee, under contract to compete for the backup spot. The Colts passed on RG III in the 2012 draft. They'll do the same now, especially because he likely wants to compete for a starting job. Mike Wells My God, What Have I Done?: Ferris after meeting Iron Will it dawns on him that Cobalt was a person with a family, and he realizes the horrors he helped Big Top commit. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Averted with Sveti. Peter freeing her from Big Top's sideshow gives Peter a good friend and ally. Shazier did play in a career high 13 games this season, an improvement upon the 12 games that he played last season, and the nine from his rookie season, and this year certainly marked his best. In fact, his stat line is a striking portrayal of his exact improvement from one year to the next. Meaningful Name: Yorick's name starts with a Y, emphasizing his Y chromosome. He's also a joker, like his Shakespeare Namesake. It's also ironic that he's named after the most famous Posthumous Character in English literature, but is himself only notable for still being alive. His sister is named Hero, and she became an EMT. In an Archie Comics story from The '80s, Principal Weatherbee announces a ban on smoking in the school. The only characters whom this affects are a half dozen one shot characters (three boys and three girls), all of whom are outcast losers whom Archie and the gang hold in contempt. Skinner, Snoop, and Stott happily smoke, gamble, visit pubs, lie, cheat, etc. Oddly enough, they're also poor fighters, terrible at sports, unfetchingly described, and disliked by most of the form. To make it even more shameless, while Vernon Smith was much the same in his early appearances, his redemption came in hand with an increase in wit, strength, and sporting prowess.