Title: Cross the River
Tags: Jordan,river, Israel, faith, blessings, Joshua
Blog Entry:   In the last few days I have been thinking on many things.  One of these things was doing a painting of a Jordan River scene. This river is not a very mighty flow nor is it the prettiest place, but much history and intrigue has took place along its banks, including the baptism of the messiah Yeshua.  Centuries earlier the Israelites had to take a step into the River Jordan in order to reach the Land of milk and honey.  The Lord cleared the path for them but they had to start moving along the banks. ( Joshua 3:1 -) Each one of us at some point has to take a critical and faithful step.  Many times in our lives we reach a point where we have to decide to change a job or a place of residence in order to improve our reach more blessings.  As the Children of Israel we can not simply stop and go to sleep.  We have to face a problem with critical thinking and prayer and then go forward. Merry Christmas pastor Zomok