Blog Entry: I tried hard to find a study on these two, and it was hard.  Some of the studies I found, just did not ring true to me, so I kept looking.  I finally found one, that I know is true.  It's Bible Verse after Bible Verse.  Not only about the two witnesses, but also false witnesses (or prophets).  I don't know how long this study will be, because there are many, many verses.  Here we go! THE BIBLE USESDIFFERENT NAMES FOR THE TWO WITNESSES: KJV Revelation 11:4:  "the two olive trees" and "the two candlesticks."  Revelation 11:10:  "these two prophets." Zechariah 4:14:  "the anointed ones," in the LITV (Green's Literal Translation Version) "the two sons of fresh oil," and the YLT (Young's Literal Translation) "the two sons of the oil." In Revelation 11:3 God calls them "My Two Witnesses."  You may also find them called...the two appointed ones; two chosen ones; end time prophets; end time witnesses; and GOD"S two witnesses. This next section is dealing with False Witnesses: There are many false witnesses (two), teachers, and even prophets and they are here in this world right now!  How do we identify them?  Let's seer what the Bible says:  (Since these will be verses, I'm just going to notate them, and you can get the full understanding by reading the verses) Matthew 24:11:  Many false prophets will be raised... Revelation 2:2: I know your works..... Titus 1:10: For there are indeed many.... Titus 1:11:  Whose mouth you must stop.... Romans 16:17:  And brothers I exhort you to watch.... Romans 16:18:  For such ones do not serve.... Jerimiah 28:9:  As for the prophet who prophesies of peace.... 2 Peter 2:1: But false prophets were also among the people.... I'm going to finish it for today.  More tomorrow!