Title: I Remember When...
Blog Entry: I was thinking about my younger days, and I do mean younger. There were 5 children in our family, and at this time, my youngest brother was just a baby.  My Dad was working for the railroad, doing I don't know what.  I do know that we were probably living in Oregon, since I, and my youngest bother was born there.  I in Toledo, my brother in Hillsborough. My Dad, as I was saying, worked for the railroad.  And the railroad housed their workers.  The housing were box cars, set about a hundred feet back from the tracks.  I remember that there were just 2 bedrooms, so our oldest brother had to share with us three girls.  There were two bed in that room, one twin (for brother) and the double bed was for us 3 girls. The bathroom (what was that?) was out back.  Maybe that's why it was called an outhouse, lol!  In the center of the box car was one very long room.  There was an old wood burner/cook stove, that was pretty much toward the end of that long room, so Mom made that area the kitchen.  There was a table, with 6 chairs, and then there was the highchair, that fit up to the table (an old wooden highchair that went through 5 kids, and didn't have a tray to it.  That end was closer to us kid's bedroom. The second half of that long room, Mom made into the front room.  It had a couch, and two arm chairs.  And a coffee table, although I'm not sure what it was called back then.  And....In the center space, it was bare.  Mom made sure that we kids had a play area, and that's where we played.  My oldest brother, and sister were in school by that time.  My other sister, who was 4 at the time, and I'd just turned 3.  My baby brother was going on a year old.  My Dad, had made a box for us, and filled it with scraps of wood, all different sizes and shapes.,  We spent hours playing with those toy blocks. The inside of that boxcar, was cozy warm, against the cold and snow out side that winter, and we'd be listening to the radio.  The Lone Ranger, Hop Along Cassidy, and Boston Blackie, along with the Grand Old Opry filled our evenings, but the summer days we got to play outside, and there was so much grass to play in, we had a swing, that Dad had put on the big old tree that was right behind the house.  The fondest memory of all though, was  when Dad would take us for a ride on a hand car.  When Dad's shift was over, he'd ride one of those cars home, and then take us kids for a ride on the car.  Baby brother was too young, so he stayed home with Mom, but the rest of us were enjoying that ride down the track a mile or two, and that back home, just in time for supper. This is like the hand car, that Dad took us kids riding on.  He made sure us two youngest girls were sitting down on his side of the car, close to the center, and big brother and sister took turns helping Dad pump the hand car.  I remember one day, I wanted to help, and I screamed out, "I want to help you Daddy."  A little girl, 3 years old got to help her Daddy.  Didn't matter that he was doing all the pumping, he was letting his little girl help.  I remember him placing my hands on the handle bar, and told me not to let go, because if I did, the car would quit rolling. and he got to the other side of the car and started pumping. I miss the good old days! Copyright ©   Eloise Dunn  May 10, 2017 Do not use!