Title: His Healings 2
Blog Entry: These healing's are found in Matthew 12: Before this healing, Jesus1 Disciples were walking through a field of grain, and they were hungry, so they picked the heads of the grain (wheat) and was eating them, and the Pharisee's told Jesus that the disciples were breaking the sabbath.  Jesus reminded them of what David had done, asking if they had read where David and his men had done when they were hungry.  They had gone into the Temple, and in HIS presence, had eaten the show bread, that only the Priest's were allowed to eat. Jesus goes into a Temple there, and sees a man with a withered hand, and heals him, by telling the man to stretch out his hand.  The Pharisee's didn't like that either.  What happened here, was that the Pharisee's wanted to bring charges against Jesus, is asked if he could heal on the Sabbath, and....Jesus healed the man, with the whithered hand. Jesus asked them, who among you who has a sheep that falls into a pit on the Sabbath, and will rescue it?   How much more valuable is a person than a sheep.  Because of this, the law allows a person to do good on the Sabbath, and tells the man to stretch out his hand, and healed it, so that it was like the other hand.  The Pharisee's went out to meet, so that they could bring charges against Jesus. Jesus left there, with a large crowd of people following him, and he healed them.  He ordered them not to tell anyone, so that the Prophecy of Isaiah could be fulfilled. They brought him a man who was demon possessed and who was blind, and could not speak.  Jesus threw the demon out, so that the man was able to see and speak.  The crowd was Amazed and asked could this man be the Son of David?  And what does the Pharisee's say?  This man throws out demons only by Bezebul, the ruler of demons. Copyright © Eloise Dunn  April 18, 2017 Do Not Use!