Title: His Healings Continued
Blog Entry: It's hard to place these in order, because memories have a way of hitting you, after you first wrote about healing.  I just remembered about the Leper and posted it to the previous post, and now,  And Oops! another one cropped up!  Remember the centurion?  How he told Jesus about his servant who was ill, and asked Jesus to heal him...Jesus said, I'll come to heal him, but the Centurion told Jesus that he was unworthy to have Jesus come to his house, that all he had to do was just say the word, and his servant would be healed....Jesus was amazed at what this man said, and proclaimed, that he'd never seen such faith in all of Israel, as this man had....Jesus told him to go, that it would be done as he believed.  This is found in Matthew 8:8:13 I'm remembering about Peter's Mother-in-Law, who was in bed with an illness....Jesus went in, touched her hand, and the fever left her and she got up and prepared a meal for them.  That was in Matthew 8:14-16., along with many others.  Jesus healed those that were brought to him,  All demon possessed.  Jesus threw the spirits out with just a word.  He healed those who were sick.  He did this so that the Prophets of Isaiah would be fulfilled.  Matthew 8:14-17.... Copyright © Eloise Dunn  April 18, 2017 Do not use!