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Live your life so that the preacher won't have to lie at your funeral...

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28 years old
Sorry.no Can.do, California
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RELIGION: Christian
JOB: Nun
SMOKE: Never
MEMBER SINCE: 11/21/2006
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listening to music,
hangin' with my friends,
friday nights,
driving with my windows down,
customizing shirts (CLICK HERE),
making musical fusion (ha!),
listening to music,
...um...music? did i already...eh

The Bible, Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, Frank Peretti, and God's Voice in the Stars, other then that, i don't really read much.

the prestige
life is beautiful (not its a wonderful life, although that is good too)
the illusionist
the count of monte cristo
nacho libre
school of rock
the nativity story
the princess bride
POTC 1 (and kinda II)
LOTR (all)
anything with Denzel Washington (he's an amazing actor)
Pride and Prejudice (the original 6 tape version)
the forgotten
the bourne identity & supremecy
the sentinel
the truman show
ice age
monsters inc.

Five Iron Frenzy
jim brickman
greg laswell
jack johnson
chris tomlin
matt redman
billy preston
david Crowder
ok go
yo-yo ma (dude...yes. ha ha!)
rascal flatts
the w's

02/24/2007 20:03:51

Numonohi Christian Academy, Day of Truth, Stars Go Dim, Kutless

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this is sick:
i love the Lord. i want to be like Him. He challenges me everyday of my life, and i am so thankful.

i am dating a wonderful girl named Lauren who loves the Lord with all her heart! the Lord has truly blessed me with her and i pray that our relationship continues to grow.

i have always struggled trying to figure out what to do with my life. i used to want to become an actor on broadway and make my way to the big screen. Then I wanted to become a track star and make my way to the 400 sprint in the olympics. I also toyed with the idea of becoming a concert pianist (on the side), but i never really knew. when i went to papua new guinea last year, God totally put it on my heart that He wanted me to minister to people who have never heard of the Bible or Jesus Christ. at that point nothing else that i could ever do or become mattered anymore. i was convicted to become a missionary, and that is what i plan on doing

i love playing the piano. i only started appreciating it a couple of years ago. i learn through a classical method called suzuki. its a series of seven books full of classical pieces from bach to beethoven. i used to HATE classical music because of the patience it requires to learn, but i have developed and appreciation for it and now it is so enjoyable.

about a year ago i was on a reality show with my family. that was proabably the craziest thing that has ever happened to me...heh heh...

Check this site out:


many things. i love the Lord, and love spending time with him.

my family. friends. definitely track. orange juice. witnessing. music. i like all kinds of music EXCEPT country (rascal flatts is an exception), rap, and hip hop (they are only good for dances...). photography. Dating Lauren. She is a beautiful girl who has an amazing heart for the Lord. monday night Bible study. eating. debating (give me a topic...) i like to play piano, although i didn't always enjoy playing. i used to want to quit, but my parents wouldn't let me, and i am so thankful they didn't. i like to sing, and want to try for american idol, if it ever comes to my part of town. ha ha!

i also like ska music. i like five iron frenzy...they're christian ska.

the idea that being a "good person" gets you to Heaven (Ephesians 2:8). POLITICALLY CORRECTNESS! these two words drive me up the wall.
(who says "person-hole"...its man-hole...what kinda ignorant person came up with that one?) hyprocrites. one-upsmanship. temptation. cliques.

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02/18/2008 15:44:55

Hi, my name is Justen. I have a friend that was over in Papua New Guinea with his family through New Tribes. He was over there for 5 yrs. There last name is Hatfield. Do you know them?I will be praying for you.

09/13/2007 07:15:42

is it sad that I JUST NOW saw the comment you left on my pic? lol...like three months ago haha

yes, I agree (though it's never personally happened to me) that keys and lava don't mix in the least...nor do key clickers and rivers (trust me on THAT one lol)

09/06/2007 03:10:28
plz forgive me for bailing on the whole site...i just up and quit...i'm sorry...

08/28/2007 16:10:08

it's...going! haha trying to figure out my college schedule has been an absolute nightmare, but i finally got it all taken care of!

& i haven't been on here in forever either! just to check my comments, cause i got an email about it. everyone's on facebook now!

07/24/2007 13:30:25


haven't heard from you in a while...just thought i would stop by and say hi...and how are things? well, i hope to hear from you soon...laterz

God Bless



07/15/2007 05:41:45

hey hey there...hoping things are going just as great as the have been...well I'm off on Monday to go to Notre Dame, so if you could pray for a safe flight to and from I'd thank you kindly :) haha

peace, love, and um???....hmmm...fuzzy bunnies? idk lol

God bless


07/15/2007 01:02:40
Hey man! How are you doing these days?

07/05/2007 22:37:51
no, I don't get paid. I do it for free. too much spare time, so I've gotta do something. Plus it looks good for college. how ya been though?

07/05/2007 04:55:04

hi im green_blazin! just droppin bye to say watz up and nicce space!! check mine out!!


07/04/2007 16:23:50
happy 4th!

06/30/2007 06:22:21


Ok, here is your comment. 
well, I guess we'll see ya tomorrow at the July Fourth Party. 
Hope you had fun in town!  Did you guys go second handing? 
FInd anything good?

06/29/2007 02:15:11

wow, cause godaddy isnt entirely random at all (sarcasm)

I guess I was lucky enough to be spared from that tech. difficulty

06/28/2007 16:38:47
yeah i have that effect on most people...

i thought it was time to get a different name, something a little more serious :P like a name.

06/28/2007 14:30:04

Well that's awesome but I don't think I could ever be on wifeswap because no one else can tell me what I'm supposed to do but my mom. So I think there would be a little problem bu that's cool.



06/27/2007 15:58:08
Mr. Miles, YCS is running just fine :)

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