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33 years old
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Non-Denominational
BORN AGAIN: Prefer not to say
GO TO CHURCH: Prefer not to say
JOB: Student
DRINK: Socially
SMOKE: Never
MEMBER SINCE: 03/28/2006
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Young Adults seeking God, jeremie friends, BASEBALL, YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY, Holy Hip Hop

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My name is Erica, and I'm 21 years old. I live in central NC, and I have my whole life. I'm a junior in college - my major is English with a concentration in High School Studies, so basically when I get out of school I'll be licensed to teach English in grades 9-12. Some people say I'm brave, but I don't know about that! :p I was in a relationship for 6 years, but things ended this past June. So I'm single, but only looking if it's the right person, LOL - I seem to be having a hard time meeting people of quality. It seems to be harder and harder to meet someone who shares the same values as I do. When I was introduced to this site, I figured why not!

My loves: being challenged intellectually, English, my family, long naps, thunderstorms, my lab Kasey, Krispy Kreme chocolate cake doughnuts, makeup, my best friend, staying up all night and sleeping late, good hair days, BSB, fall, cute boots, warm coats!, Monday nights, Golden Girls, good books, getting As, getting packages in the mail, puppies (especially Yorkies and Pugs!), comfy pants and hoodies, rain when I can stay in all day, a cup of hot tea when it's cold, Reese's Pieces, Coke, driving with the windows down and singing at the top of my lungs, Benefit Oh Baby Perfume!

I hate: slow drivers, liars, being ignored, homework, rain when I've gotta leave the house, being woken up from a nap, talking in front of lots of people, being made to feel stupid for being smart, science labs, growing up, being annoyed, and probably lots more, haha!

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07/30/2010 22:20:46

Hey There:

How are you doing? Check out my new christian message board. You share your thoughts, Meet other people, find Jobs etc.
Let me what you think?
God Bless

02/11/2007 23:37:32
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Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday..Happy birthday..Happy birthday to you!! And many more!!! May all your birthday wishes come true for you! GBY!!!...phyl

02/11/2007 23:10:45

02/11/2007 05:24:54
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May God bless you on this special day!

01/07/2007 06:56:37
I just wanted thank you for accepting my request may God Bless you. Hope to talk to you later

01/06/2007 04:00:42
thanks for the request.

your pretty.

11/28/2006 04:11:19
Hey! I'm new to the YCS thing and thought i post you a comment. Like you page checkout mine when you get the chance

10/16/2006 13:58:28

09/15/2006 14:53:41

how are you doing? Now if I was talking to you face to face right now you would probably say I'm doing just fine, but inside, is that really true? Do we always say what we are feeling when someone asks us that question. I know I don't. So even if you don't want to tell me, just ask yourself, how are you doing?

Have a great week,


09/04/2006 03:12:07
it's Ray,
how are ya doin today???

Well I know it's lame but it's kind of fun to hop around to some of my friends sites and leave little comments that might get a smile. So yeah, have a great day and a great week.


08/30/2006 23:57:57
•Private obedience leads to public blessings

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08/29/2006 18:03:20
Hey how ya doin?

I just thought I'd slip by
and say hi
and as today goes by,
keep in mind, the God loves you,
so you don't have to sigh, :)
good bye and god bless

07/17/2006 14:39:42
Whatup dawg!!!!!!!


07/16/2006 21:53:03
hey girl! how ya been? GB!

06/23/2006 18:55:13
hey erica! how ya been? how is ur summer goin? mine is goin alright! its been really hott n rainy! hope ot hear from ya soon! GB!

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