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~ If You Luvv Someone Let Him go , If He Comes Back Keep Him 4 EvR~ 4Mi Amor' Angel~

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Mood: Loved Loved
Status: ~WithOut GOD , Your Abilities R Dreamz WithOut Power~
28 years old
MiAmi, Florida
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
JOB: Artist
MEMBER SINCE: 06/02/2007
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~Drawen n'Sketching
~Writen Deep Poetry /Songs
~Singing out loud in the car- or in Church Praisen JESUS ;)

~The Bible #1 FAv. N' other books
~MY Fav.zines are Fitness,Latina :)

I Luvv A Good Action Movie,N' Romance movies 2, Also i Can't Live w/out Me Telemundo`-where all my Tele Novelas` R at ;)
~The Women- Comen Soon : D
~Music N lyrics
~Run down
~Beauty shop
~Any Tyler perry film
~ My Fav. Tv Shows :
~ Dame Chocolate`- Spanish Tela Novela` ;P
( i Luvv watching that with a pint oF Purelly Decadent helado` :D (dairy FreeIceCream in Spanish )
~Greys Anatomy
~Tyra banks show
~Meet the Pyanes
~Girl frends
~Americas Next Top model
~Fresh Prince Of Belair
~Mia. Ink
~Burn Notice
~In Plain sight
~America's Got Talent
~Foster's Home for Imanginary Friends
~Livn Single, Cartoon network @(*_=)@

~I LUVV Jazz n' Scatt muzic Classical music like YoYo Ma
~House muzic lik DJ Tiesto`
~ R&B , Rap , Soul muzic too like Jill Scot, Mary J Blige
~Gospel, Ghetto gospel
~Janet jackson Rhythem nation album
~ The Fray
~N' KEITH SWEAT " he's old school though wayy back in the day i don kow if ne of yall know him ;)
~Howard Hewett
~Chic- Le Freak
~The Supremes Alot Of Old Skool Music Thats how i Jam ;)
~a lil Reggea Lik Bob Marley R.I.P, Damion Marley, Sean PauL and Reggeatone`i hav a Big passion 4 muzic an of course sum 80z muzic too, some christian rock kool too, Pretty much anything I can jam too is kool with me :)

Amois 3:3
How can two walk together less they be in Fellowship N' aggrement .

Col. 3:17
What ever you do in word or deed should always be done in the name of Christ .

2Corinthians 9:6
Remember this, who ever sows sparingly will also Reap sparingly, and who ever sows generously will also Reap

Psalm 61:2
Hear My cry O' God
Attend to my Prayer, From the ends oF the Earth i will cry out to you, When my Heart is overwhelmed Lead me to the rock that is Higher than I.

My Fav. John 3:16
For, God so loved the world that he gave his Only Begotten son , That whoever should believeth in Him ,Would not perish But have everlasting Life

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*Missionaries to INDIA*, MyTearsAreReal, ~LostINFreedoM~, Adoption Stories!!, NEVER ALONE

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Status: ~WithOut GOD , Your Abilities R Dreamz WithOut Power~

MY Name is Indigo N' Im a FLy "Cubalion" Italion/Cuban) Chica who's Pro-Life N' is ~ " Estoy enamorada de" the most caring and Loving Christian Man in the World~ I respect myself greatly( that's why me N' My Boo Angel Are waiten TiL Marriage to Have Sex).Im a kind N' Understanding GaL Pedo` don't get it twisted N' take my kindness as a weakness, i stand up for what is right, Won't back down or chnge 4 any1 except Jesus ;) N' I'm not afraid to Be straight wich ya, if i have a problem u'll be the first to know ; D , I'm Currently planning to be a Student @ A.I. Art institute- an Study in the visual Arts Program to earn my MFA( Master Of Fine Arts) To Become N'artista independient` . I like to think of myself as an aspiring artist but if you say aspiring artist some people tend to assume your lazy but prententious i can b lazy @ times ;)( But My Main Dream N' Jesus'es Plan For Me is 2 Open a Christian Shelter/ ministry For battered women N' their children, Runaways Ect.- I Have Alot of Passion For Life , Helping People, Music N' ArT Differnt Cultures as well, I Also luv Jazz, Modern , modern expressive dance sum ballet too n of course i wana learn Salsa N' Tango :) Im a Vry outing N' Layd bac, fun person 2 Chill with, Honset, True, Real~ i lik 2 cheer ppl up N' make mi frends laugh 2 ,
I'm kinda shy,quite N to myself some of the time unless im w/ mi frends or around my peoples at church wich iz wen im at mi hyperest point -Think Latina Version of the Hoodwink sqirl LoL . I wana visit my hometown one day Venice Italy, N' NyC- I've got a lot of AmAzInG Gr8t Frends that i've been blessed with( Including mi pathre whom Brought me to christ :D I LUVV U DADDY xD) throughout my life including the people on this Site @(^_^)@
If Ne1 Has Any questions or wants 2 chat MY Aol add/ Aim : Artisticgal718 kk ;) a
Christian MySpace LayoutsI edited my profile at Free Christian MySpace Layouts, check out these Christian Myspace Layouts!

~Jesus because w/out him i would be Nobody
~Volunteering At Shelters N' Helping Less fortunate christian brothers N' sisters that are going thru Bad times
~Chillan wit Mi Amor `Angel 4 Eva in Luvv with me ; )
~Anything Purple OR PinK
~Destressing my own jeans and styling clothes
~ Sade- n R&B singr
~Cooking cuz my Dads a Chef :D
~Witnessing to lost or confused people about Jesus
~Playing Violin or any New Instrument
~Trying new things
~Strong Independant Christian Women who respect themselves~
~PeAcE,Taboo,Thrills, Rainy Days
~Tattoos, an the Artist behind them
~Looken at The clouds while lyen on the grass
~Lil' kids cause u can get alot of wisdom frm them somtimes When they're not Buggen ;)~Chocalate
~Hot Herbal Tea
~Dancing, kickboxong, working out,Yoga
~The beach
~Surfing ; P
~Jaming on my ipod-i luv music hehe, and singing i wana learn how2 play the guitar, Bass, Piano,drumz
~I luv Drawing
~I luv clubs like art clubs, poetry clubs jazz clubs ect.
~Also i like Foot Ball (Go Italia) And American foot ball too
~Basket BaLL Go Miami HeaT
~BaseBall- Go Marlins :D & Yankz
~Writing Poetry/Songs too
~N' Taken picts; w/ mi *New* digi. camra ;)

SATAN N' his Evil Angels : p
~Cults : Any Group or people who Believe in any other way (other then excepting christ as their savior)To go to Heaven .- which include Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon(Aka;church of Christ), Scientology,Catholicism,Buddists,Ect.
~Trafficing oF innocent children N' Women
~ People who take advantage of Other people N' their Weaknesses
~Fighting, GirL fights- People Grow Up Realy is it realy worth your Perminate record oR Future For a stupid Dispute Like over a boy Or Who Wears the best cloths??
~Sick people who stalk Lil kids n teens
~Gurls n'tweens who idolize ppl like lindsay lohan brittany spears n paris hilton, Hahana WhoreTana Er, Ya thats what i Meant :)-Cuz theyr very bad infulences for the new genration of upcoming women
~Politics in churches
~People who think they kow evrything
~Self concieted people
~People who judge others - " Don't Judge me if u don't kow me"
~Gum in mi hair
~Smelly bathrooms
~Iggnorant People
~Arrogant guyz who thnk ther ALL That N' A bag Of Chips ;p Realy Get Over YourSelF ; )

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12/26/2008 01:34:03

[url=http://www.faithfrog.com] [/url]

12/25/2008 23:51:54

remember Jesus is the reason for the season!!!!!!   Merry Christmas!

12/15/2008 11:52:13

hahahah  yeah i know what you mean tho idk y but i love it black and long. but the bleach move was totally rebelious n shexy i do agree hahaha

12/14/2008 16:24:18

wow your arts really good!!!!!!! I been meaning to upload my artwork but haven't got around to it you're really really good!!!!!!

12/14/2008 03:50:54

thanks!!! yah i know i thought hard about it. hahaah.
and maaaannn i dont like it bleach!!!  i like it black  ooo yesss  hahahah

12/06/2008 23:37:28

11/25/2008 05:59:06

11/20/2008 14:42:47

yeah thats fine if it bothers you

11/20/2008 14:28:42

11/19/2008 14:10:29

11/09/2008 01:39:20

No, sorry. That isn't one of my pics, i just found it on Google. :P


11/03/2008 05:00:00

Mia_CubalionArtGaL17 wrote:

xXxbroken_angelxXx wrote:

hay. yea i'm good. & thanks. he's doin good too. they let him come home & all. he's doin a lot better than we expected. the place they cut him is like omg huge. lol. it looks extremely painful to me.


Mia_CubalionArtGaL17 wrote:

Glad to hear ur alright - im prayn for ur dad : D

Ay dios mio - ur stil in my prayers- :D  hope 2 talk mor soon  Ciaos'

11/02/2008 04:55:47

hay. yea i'm good. & thanks. he's doin good too. they let him come home & all. he's doin a lot better than we expected. the place they cut him is like omg huge. lol. it looks extremely painful to me.


Mia_CubalionArtGaL17 wrote:

Glad to hear ur alright - im prayn for ur dad : D

10/31/2008 00:18:51

hay no i'm not sick. lol my dad had hip replacement surgery & i was at the hospital from 5:15 am to like 7 something pm. i was just really bored.

Mia_CubalionArtGaL17 wrote:

Hay R U sick ? wat happen? watz wit the Hospital status ?-  

10/25/2008 06:00:06

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