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mem_normal2 OFFLINE
31 years old
Bayshore, New York
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Christian - other
JOB: College
DRINK: Prefer not to say
SMOKE: Prefer not to say
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- Teaching
-Writing- poetry
-Working out

- The word of God.
- Purpose driven life
- Torey Haden- Beautiful

Mona lisa smile
Blades of Glory
The benchwarmers
Second chances

Any christian music-

Jeremy Camp
Barlow Girls
Chris Tomlin
Mercy me

08/05/2007 18:40:46
06/30/2007 04:38:44

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Jen_Gurl_31787 is in your extended network

My name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jen, Jenna, Jenny. I prefer Jen. :)

I live and breathe God. He is everything in my life, and has changed my life tremendously over the years through his power, strength and love.

I have found a new love within my family, and a passion in teaching. I love bringing the word of God on sundays to the children and watch as the excitement of the word of God greatly changes their life.

I have found myself through the word and spirit of God and have found a supportive and loving family within my church through ministry and within leadership.

I go to college. I am currently going to complete my Bachelors in elementary special education. I love school, but not the pressure. I think education is the greatest blessing given to us and can be used to bless others.

I love smiling and having fun, though sometimes I neglect and forget to. I love speaking to people and being myself.

love being apart of a youth leadership team that works together to bring the word of God to youth in Brentwood and Bayshore as well as the region of Longisland.

I enjoy going to college and studying. Even though sometimes I feel like I am going to go nuts. I feel that an education is a great investment in anyones life.

- The only thing that I dislike is dishonesty and an absence of the truth.

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03/11/2008 23:46:39
long time no see what's up how you been doing!s.o.t.l.

09/25/2007 15:21:46
Hey whats up?

09/01/2007 19:14:24
check out my page own myspace under servantof the lord.

08/26/2007 02:24:51
Hey Captain Cave Gurl  (sorry, couldnt resist)....are you ready for service? I cant wait. Ashley aint gonna be there, so I'm singing ALL the songs ( pray that I do better with her songs than when I had to last time). I love you and cant wait to see ya. Have a good night

08/20/2007 03:12:54
ah how are you doing thanks for checking out my page.like your pictures you and your freinds are buggin out.

08/16/2007 04:05:28
Ian makes CDs of the services....I borrow them every once in a while and rip them to my 'puter. Like I said, you every want some, I'll Aim them. Oh yeah, got my internet back, WOO HOO !!!!!!!

08/14/2007 07:47:31
Hey beautiful....I just wanted to let you know I uploaded some worship team songs on my page....if you want any of them, let me know and I'll send you some. I hope you're having a good day today

08/06/2007 05:09:40
hi jen! thanks for keeping in touch...keep the flame burning for Jesus...God bless you & your ministry!

08/03/2007 20:10:29

Hey my summer has been great. God blessed me so much and he did so many amazing things though the summer team. Our last day was last week and I am still trying to process all the things that have happened this summer. So what about you how are you hows your summer?

07/30/2007 03:06:28

hey hope all is well God bless

07/25/2007 14:59:35

Hi Jen,

What's up? I would love to hear what the Lord has been showing you lately if you would like to share with me.

07/25/2007 04:37:18
thank u for ur commet and thank u for visiting my page

07/24/2007 05:50:13
Hey it was great talking to you too!! Hope you have a great week and hope to talk to you soon!! TTYL

07/20/2007 11:47:48
Thanks for stopping by my page. Hope to get to visit with you sometime.

07/14/2007 18:19:48
thank you for visting my site. God Bless You.

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