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Jesus is Lord

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Mood: Praying Praying
Status: Preciouse Jesus,oh in-dwelling Christ, brought to me through the Holy Spirit thank you for Loving me. Your preciouse anointing shakes my very soul while bringing Joy and rest, thank you God for looking upon this event in Jesus name
30 years old
Santa Clarita, California
United States
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RELIGION: Christian
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Photography, art, singing, piano, guitar, all in all Worship! in Jesus name.


"Finger of God" "Furious Love"
And the webasodes on www.Kingdomreality.com

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Status: Preciouse Jesus,oh in-dwelling Christ, brought to me through the Holy Spirit thank you for Loving me. Your preciouse anointing shakes my very soul while bringing Joy and rest, thank you God for looking upon this event in Jesus name

I thank you dear Lord Jesus, for blessing me in everyway possible way. Thank you Jesus for Dying for me on the cross in my place and sheding your precious, perfect and Holy Blood for me my Lord.

I thank you Jesus that I have an account here on ycs and that I have a computer :)

I thank papa, for all you done for me Jesus, and for what you are doing still, my preciouse precious Jesus! Im holding fast to your every word and promise, like in Deuteronomy 28 where oh Holy spirit, where it talks about all my blessings for hearing your word Jesus and obeying it to the fullest, and the result is You precious master, blessing me to the fullest!

We are blessed to know you Jesus, your word says in
psalms 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"

Father, the desires of my heart are to Know you more Jesus, for you to expand my heart to receive your everlasting and boundless and eternal Love! that your Holy spirit fill me with fire, and Love, and Boldness, and courage, and Joy to do your will Jesus, to Love others as you Have Loved me! Because it is out of Love that the Father gave you to us to die in our places, and out of Love for the Father, and us, that you obeyd Him.

Jesus, may I decrease that you may increase.

And Finally Lord Jesus, I ask the Holy Spirit in your name, Oh Holy Spirit that moves with fire, power and might like a mighty rushing wind,
I ask that you bless everyone that comes to this page as they enter and leave, may they come in one way and leave changed by you and Jesus mighty hand, bless them Holy Spirit my friend and teacher, because you Love them, Open and soften their hearts Holy Spirit and fill them with Love and childlike Faith. And finally I thank you God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ for hearing our prayers always, we bless your Holy Holy Holy name. In the name obove all names, I pray all of this in the name of Jesus Christ amen and amen.

The beach first and foresmost :) I love the outdoors.

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12/20/2011 17:52:29


09/27/2011 17:05:49

Religious and Christian Pictures, Comments, Images, Graphics

08/02/2011 21:51:19

Thank ya!(:

Jboy wrote:

Nice page little sis! God Bless :)

07/31/2011 02:55:47

Thanks!! :) 

Jboy wrote:
Hey you :) i love your photography, great Job!

07/02/2011 00:50:04

Jboy wrote:
haha no problem. So what church do you go to?
i havent been going lately cuz i hvent found the right church yet :/

07/01/2011 16:50:01

Jboy wrote:

Nice page sista! do you have fb?

ha thanx :p yes i do but i cnt add ppl i dnt know in person on there cuz my mom so yea sorry :/ but i like ur page to :D !!!!

04/27/2011 22:43:58

Jboy wrote:
Hello Brother, and thank you for the request :)

Great page! and the music is beautiuly anointed. God Bless!! in Jesus name



03/15/2011 22:09:36
Hello JBoy! Thank you for the beautiful message. I haven't been on in awhile but wanted to share with you God is great!!! He has done such woderful things over and over in my life... Most recently, starting with one week ago, Monday, March 7th, my mama (A high risk patient who became completely blind the first 2 weeks of February-last month) had surgery because they found a tumor in the base of her brain and God pulled her through that with flying colors...PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY LORD!! She is recovering great! She got let out of the hospital on Sunday! Halellujiah! Doctor did MRI and let us know he did NOT get all the tumor out due to time and difficulties reaching it and may possibly need to have another brain surgery going in through different area. :( We were somewhat in shock hearing the information and my mom's response was..." Well you don't know my God, cause he already promised me healing, and I may not even need another surgery because I know and believe my healing is already in the process!" I thank God so much for her strength and wisdom that God has built up in her!!! God prepared her and she was so ready prior to the surgery that she was dancing and praising God to the beautiful music that played at church the night before! and still today she is praising, worshiping, loving, trusting, and claiming victory!! Whooohoooooo!!! God is AWESOME ALL THE TIME!!!
I've got Midterms this week...so gotto go!! God bless you always brother and I enjoyed your video!! Glory to God!!!

01/14/2011 04:54:43

Jboy wrote:
Hi :-) i love the christmas music on your page lol
it makes it so fun doesnt it.

destined to reign, i've been seeing this book on some shows of His, I want the mp3 player with sermons on it haha :))

My weekend was good, the last two days i've been really blessed and emersed in Jesus, and revelation of His word. I have been evangalizing to, its so amazing to move in the Glory of God! Praise jesus :)

So what is your walk with Jesus like?

Oh cool! that'd be nice to have the mp3 player sermons, you could listen to them anywhere :)

That's great, it's always awesome to have more and more revelation of Jesus!!!

My walk is really good! I'm just resting in Jesus' finished work:)

So, whatcha been up to? Did you have a good Christmas?



12/18/2010 15:41:22

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God blessings be onto you this holiday season & thou the whole New Year... :)

12/09/2010 05:12:45

Jboy wrote:

hi sis :) i havnt read an of his books, but I have my dvr set to record all his shows; he has so much revelation, i learned today that when Jesus stood down to write in the sand, tha it wasnt sand, but cobble stone, He wrote on the stone with His finger Just like the Father wrote on the Stone tablets while giving the Law :)

 God is good all the time huh :)

what do you have planned for the weekend (how was your weekend)

tty soon God bless

Oh ok. Cool! We record all his shows too! His books are really good too, the book "Destined to Reign" was life changing for me, it answered so many questions that i had or was wondering about. Yeah, that's amazing about how Jesus wrote on the stone just like how the Father wrote on the stone!!! :)  

My weekend was good, I hung out with my cousins and went to a Christmas parade. How was yours?

12/03/2010 03:13:16

Jboy wrote:

btw i just noticed you listen to Joseph Prince? hahaha wow, praise the Lord, I always listen to him :)

awesome! me too! have you read any of his books?

11/23/2010 03:26:07

Hey thanks bro. I hope God is using you and challenging you everyday

God bless bro

11/20/2010 09:12:02

Welcome From Brother Michael and the Universal Life Church. We look forward to sharing a mutual pathway with expression of our Christian beliefs and promoting Christianity to every far reaching corner of the globe. Let us know if we can be of service to you.

~ Peace & Blessings
Universal Life Church

11/14/2010 01:49:16

Not much alot of work and tryin to get this album done. What you been up to bro ?

Get back to me and God bless you too dawg

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