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Mood: Loved Loved
Status: getting cold in Erie PA. Stay warm everybody!
60 years old
Erie, Pennsylvania
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
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Dancing, crafts, yard sales and flea markets, decorating, flower arrangements, reading, writing, research, entertaining friends and family, volunteering, searching the internet, gardening and working in the yard, cooking up something new, rescuing stray animals and finding them homes, riding my bike in our gorgeous state park, collecting seashells and fall leaves...

O dear, this catagory is harder then the last. I LOVE books! I have a small library of books, mostly self-help, inspirational, non-fiction and research study books. If my house were burnt to the ground, I would miss my books and photos the most.

Too many to list...So many movies have been inspirational, funny, intriguing, dreamatic, and entertaining. I love movies and cultural events that offer inspiration, hope and ones that challenge my personal beliefs. I thought "the Notebook" was a great love story and I was inspired by the movie "pay it Forward."

Christian: Carmen, Dino, John Tesh, Kenny G, Michael W Smith, DC Talk, The Imperials, and more.
I like modern country: Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Brooks and Dunn, Lonestar and more. I love the Big bands dance music: Tommie Dorsey, swing bands, ballroom, disco, Latin, etc. Love oldies rock N Roll and Motown. You can tell my age can't you??? I see u laughing.:)

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Christians In Recovery, prayer and faith

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Status: getting cold in Erie PA. Stay warm everybody!

I am a Born Again Christian believer and counselor. I have two awesome children, both in college. We are a loving family who loves to dance. My son teaches swing dancing and Shannon and I follow along. We currently live together in Erie PA and I love having them with me. They are my best friends and spiritually sound. Betcha can't tell that I AM PROUD OF THEM?

I Love the Lord and his many blessings and gifts he has given to me. I even thank him for the unseen blessings that can be quite challenging.
I am very diversified in my studies and my hobbies and quite creative as well. I love nature,the change of seasons, planting a flower garden in the spring and a veggie garden in the summer. I love all sorts of music and dancing and learning about differnt cultures, religions and perspectives of others. Love playing in the snow, building a snowman and sledding with the kids. I enjoy a beautiful sunset, cooking a great meal for friends and family, playing board games, laughing at a silly movie or crying because I'm happy, watching my children grow, working with other children and adults...encouraging them to grow and heal from the pain of the past. I love being a counselor. I have walked in the shoes of my many clients, therefore able to express compassion, empathy and understanding, without any judgment. I love writing children's books and ghostwriting for others. I love continual study and research regarding spiritual gifts, dream interpretation and biblical prophecy.

I dislike judgmental people who maintain a sheep mentality. Ones who follow without questioning the leader or without studying to prove thyself worthy unto the Lord. I often ask myself "How would Jesus respond to this situation," before I voice an opinion.

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God bless you :)

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Hope u had lots of fun this 4th! GBU friend and have a great week!

07/04/2009 05:21:22

Hope u are dreaming of a good 4th of July Gbu and Christian Sis!

07/02/2009 18:21:10

Well hello there and ty! GBU new friend

Do u interprete dreams?

04/09/2009 22:17:25

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