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Without Jesus I am Nothing!

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Status: Relaxing with the family
33 years old
Walton, New York
United States
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RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Charismatic/Pentecostal
JOB: Working
DRINK: Socially
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I love watching football, my favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and in the NCAA its the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Along with football I also love to follow baseball and my favorite team is the New York Yankees. Other than the obvious sports, I love hunting, camping, fishing and I especially love to drive... thus I am a Trucker.

Outside of the Bible I try to read books that have Biblical related material. Other than that I do read the occasional classics like Animal Farm, A Tale of Two Cities, Tuesdays with Morrie, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

The basic two genres that I listen to are Country and Christian.

Sons Of God, Football, BASEBALL, On Fire, Pentecostals Of The US

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Status: Relaxing with the family

I am a now 25 year old male that has been through a lot in the quarter century that I have been alive. I grew up in central New York in a small town called Ilion. I lived there most of my life with both of my parents and my sister attending Elementary school and graduating from high school in Ilion. I graduated with high honors while being an active member of multiple sports and musical groups. Once I graduated from high school I went straight to college in Rochester, NY where I attended Roberts Wesleyan College. I went in a Graphic Design major but after the first semester I felt like God wanted me to go in a different direction and I switched my major to Contemporary Ministry. Although this was a blessing to my young and lack of Biblical knowledge life, after 4 semesters of struggling through the theology and overall pressure and demand of the major I had to look for something different otherwise I would fail out of school. I then decided to follow a path that I have always been praised about my abilities and declared my major to be Early Childhood/Special Education. With that I revived my GPA and excelled. After 3 semesters of that I finally reached my final year of college. After no success of obtaining further financial aid, I parted my ways with college and enlisted into the United States Marine Coprs. Through them there was a hope of being able to finish my college education. With a few months into the Marines I was Honorably Discharged due to Medical reasons. Once I was discharged and home I followed through with another dream of mine and obtained my Class A CDL (Commercial Drivers License). The only problem is that I entered the occupation at the beginning of our current economic situation. After dating and getting engaged to my now wife, I agreed to move with her and her dad to their hometown in Walton, NY. After struggling for 7 months of being unemployed and desperately trying to find work, I found a job for a local Landscaping company. Just two weeks later I was married to my beautiful wife on Friday, May 14, 2010.

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have a beautiful sunday..GBY

08/04/2010 18:13:47

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Congratulations to you! May the Lord Bless You Greatly

07/15/2010 12:58:13

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Your Welcome(: Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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hey, thanks for the friend request!

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yeah def. anytime. people dont talk much to me on here. haha. idk if i scare people lol jp. but im doing well. just finished doing my powerpoint for english. Now gotta finish studying physics.

CountryDisciple wrote:

Not too much... I thank you for accepting my friend request... I am pleased with how many people I am meeting on here thus far and some of the encouragement I am getting too... I hope that we can become good friends in Christ on here and we can help each other when needed...

God Bless;


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