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Charlean Cole is a solo artist in the contemporary Christian music industry. In 2006 she signed with BMI, Broadcast Music Inc. and released her first CD called "ALL THAT." She is also booking for an upcoming tour called "The All That Tour: ‘Cause Only Jesus Is All That."

Ms. Cole was born on September the 28th in 1965, in Union Springs, Alabama. She has lived in Troy, Alabama, and the surrounding areas almost all of her life. She attended the local private school in Troy, Pike Liberal Arts School, until her junior year, when she transferred to the local public school, Charles Henderson High School. She is currently a senior at Troy University. Throughout her school years she has consistently participated in talent shows and various choirs.

Ms. Cole accepted Jesus as her personal savior on February 27th, 1980, at the age of 15, in her school library at Pike Liberal Arts. She has stayed grounded in the Word since then. She attends church regularly and enjoys being heavily involved in different activities in the church. One of her fondest memories is when she had the privilege of bringing her younger brother Brent Newman to a youth rally the night he came to accept Jesus as his personal savior. She recalls that as the best feeling, knowing that her own little brother accepted Jesus due to her working for the Lord. She imagines that it must be somewhat like how Andrew must have felt when he led Peter to Jesus.

During a Ray Boltz concert, Ms. Cole felt a call into full time music ministry. During the concert the Holy Spirit made it clear that singing was what Jesus wanted her to do on a full time basis. In the months following that concert, she was constantly asked to sing in the area churches. Thankfully she was given some personal time by the Lord for her to get to know him on a more personal level and to begin to prepare in the spiritual for things to happen in the natural. That time of quiet soul-searching was exactly what she needed, although she had a tendency to become bored at times.

Ms. Cole spends her free time reading and studying the Bible and practicing her singing and performance techniques. She also spends time exercising and studying for her college courses, though she tends to call the fitness center the "torture center" and enjoying studying about as much as she likes exercising. She would much rather sit in a swing and get into the Word, preferably the King James version, which is her favorite.

Her favorite song is "Hunger For Holiness" by Carman. That song has a way of touching her soul and expresses how she feels at times. She says she hopes that the Lord will give her a song that will touch the hearts of many people. The Lord has already given to her abundantly, much more than what she believes she deserves. He gave her the vision for CDC Ministries, which is a non-profit Ministry for the furtherance of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. She wants to make it clear that she has not and will not ever take a cent from CDC Ministries, and that ALL of the proceeds go toward the ministry’s purposes. She has never compromised the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the past, and she never will.

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