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Status: God's strongest Warriors will always be found on their face before him
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Luk_9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

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Status: God's strongest Warriors will always be found on their face before him

I am a professional artist by trade. Marred 32 year .I Started doing art at the age of four and it was in that same year I came to know the Lord.

Until a few years ago I would have never attempted writing because of being Dyslexic .
But about two years ago these poems started coming to me and would become stuck in my head, It was at that point I felt the Lord wanted me to start writing them down.
As I did I found His presence would come, and the words just flow.
The poems that are written on this page and in my blog are just a few of those poems.
At this time I am in the process of putting many of the works together for a book I soon hope to publish.

I was talking to a friend the other day Why Christ is the only way to heaven A lot of people do not understand why there can not be other , and why being good is not enough
This may help.... it is just part of that conversation

God meant for all of us to walk in love to be good to one another to do right but without his Spirit inside it is imposable because of the sin nature we took on when Adam fell that was passed dawn , the only way to destroy that sin nature is it must die now there are 2 types of death the fist is the body we live in this shell we call our body , the other type of death is a separation totally from God it is a type of torment . this flesh has a curse on it because of sin it must die but the sole can be saved but fist that sin nature must go and the only way is by someone that us pure enough to pay the price of sin and that price is death but no one on earth is that pure we all carry the sin nature .

Christ is God made flesh he did not have the sin nature because he came from the Father , the Father and Christ are one but separate , now understand the sin nature is passed down through the loins of the man because the man has the life within him . but not through the woman . she is born with the sin nature but it is only past to the child by the man so when the Holy Spirit came from the Father and overshadowed Marry and she became pregnant the Life of Christ came from the Father but because woman does not pass the sin nature Christ was born without sin and was the only one that could be the pure sacrifice for sin ,

He does not want anyone to be lost and have to be separated from him and be in torment so he gave the gift to everyone all we have to do is accept it , but we are also given free will and that means it is our choice , those that are innocent that have not came to the age of accountability to know right from wrong are already covered because they are still innocent , but for the rest of us we each must choose .. and that is why there is no other way but through Christ , he was the only one pure enough to pay the price of sin

I love my friends ,I really do, but there's something I must say,
and some of you won't like it, and may turn and walk away
but I must say it anyway ,because I really care,
and when I go to heaven , I would like to see you there

You can not get to heaven by all the works you've done
I do not care how good you are, by work's it can't be done.
you nor I are good enough to pay the price of sin.
And though we try our very best it will not get us in.

Only by the blood of Christ can we be redeemed,
for only he was pure enough to wash us fully clean.
Only through the Lamb of God can we enter in,
for there is no other way to pay the price of sin.

Many claim there's other ways to get to God above,
but only throughthe Son of God, was it paid in Blood
And if God sent his only son to die upon the tree
why would he grant another way, for those that don't believe

Christ blood was shed for you and I ,while hanging on the cross.
The Son of God , paid with his life, so we would not be lost
Only Christ could pay that price, with His precious blood,
for only he was without sin, and He did it out of Love

So when you ponder on these things, and look for other ways
understand Gods only Son paid your price that day.
With His blood and with His life that he freely gave,
because His Father asked him to ,so you could then be saved.

Copyright © 2014 John Wright

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God bless you ...

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May God Bless You Today And Always!

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God bless you :)

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keep trying but it is not takeing the piture  it may be to large  it is of one of my artworks , i will work out the problem and post it later

thank you :)  sometimes I have the same problem :)

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thank you for the friend request..God bless you

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welcome to ycs..God bless you

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